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You’ll be part of an exclusive SEO Expert Community. Those who do Search Engine Marketing, not Digital Marketing. Fill out the form below, and my team will shortlist the best candidate for our SEO training in Nepal.

** This Course is Free **
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Why take my SEO training for Nepalese?

You’ll learn from the real experts who have achieved remarkable experiences during their Journey.

Strategic Team

You’ll get access to my team member, SEO support who’ll help you upscale in your SEO Journey. FYI: My Team members are capable of ranking on any keyword.

Practical Session

You’ll get access to my team members, SEO support, who’ll help you upscale your SEO journey. FYI: My Team members are capable of ranking on any keyword.

Silo Structure

You’ll learn silo structure aka internal linking. This is a critical and strategic practice that helps in upscaling. I’ll provide you with a Google sheet for an effective implementation

On-Page Strategy

This on-page session will make clear how Search engines work and how we are optimized for them. You’ll learn everything about H1 Tag, Meta Tag, Content Writing, and many more.

Reputation and PR Building

This session will focus on building the PR and reputation of the Brand. In 2024, this strategy will help you to create your brand around search engines. This process helps in building the trust of search engines.

Technical Optimization

We’ll go deeper than the website heading and structure. We’ll discuss technical optimization that helps with ranking. We will understand how to create an impact from the SEO specialist POV to the Dev POV.

Introduction to SEO

This module inside the course will explain the fundamentals of search engine optimization. You’ll build an exponential knowledge of how Search engines work.

Content Optimization & Quality Check

I’ll provide you with an exact content checklist we will look at at our agency. This will help you to determine the content. We’ll also look at content writing tools and how they can help in optimization.
Bonus Note: The prompt that helps determine the content quality will also be shared.

On-Page Optimization

Content Optimization and On-Page Optimization are different. We’ll look beyond content for optimization in this module. We’ll go deeper inside template optimization and another on-page strategy.

Building Trust of Search Engine

This course module will discuss how we can strategically build hundreds of links that help rank. From Guest Positing, Citation building, PR outreach, and other methods of building links.

Comprehensive Audit and Reporting

Reporting and auditing have been a tough task for many SEO specialists. I’ll guide you on running a manual audit on sites and how to represent them to the client. We’ll also discuss client communication and how to set boundaries for their expectations.

There is a very small line between experience and knowledge when applying search engine optimization. Experience definitely has a plus point. This course is designed for beginners and includes practical assessment, tasks, and real-time problems. We’ll do a case study of websites with 10 clicks per day to 1000 clicks per day. I’ll share my exclusive template and plan to implement it on sites.

Another plus is we have 5+ dev team members on my team. They help handle all technical stuff assigned by our SEO team. You’ll get a real explorer of how these things work in our agency.

I Can’t guarantee your job placement after you finish the SEO course, but I’ll make sure you are job-ready in the market. For 5 of the best learners, I’ll refer you to a role at a suitable company.

Course Duration: 1.5 Month
Fee: Free
Trainer: Suyog Kafle
Placement: 5 Best Learner
Career: SEO Executive
Entry Level Salary: NPR 25,000
  1. Is it Worth it to Learn Search Engine Optimization in 2024?

    Absolutely! Search engine optimization (SEO) remains an essential skill in your digital toolkit, including Nepal. As businesses are aware of search engine optimization after COVID-19, this is a growing field in coming years, too. It helps enhance visibility, attract traffic, and create a brand in the long run.

  2. Who is Our Trainer For SEO Training in Nepal?

    I am Suyog Kafle an SEO Expert and here I am to guide you and give you takeaways in summary of my SEO Journey. This four-year journey not only honed my skills but also built an agency with a team of talented SEOs, content creators, and digital marketers. My mentorship is all about providing an engaging and practical knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. I want my students to grasp applicable skills they can put into action right away.

  3. Will I get a Job After Finishing the SEO Training Course?

    We don’t confirm internships or make any guarantees upon course completion. However, I will refer the top 5% of learners to companies. It’s up to you to learn and secure a spot in the top 5.

This student’s journey is inspiring! He finished the course in 6 months and achieved remarkable results. His dedication has paid off, and client business has ranked in the top 15%, earning an industry referral.

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