Nepal SEO Expert and Consultant

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SEO Expert Who Helps in Scaling Revenue

Besides other SEO experts in Nepal focusing on ranking, my process focuses on bringing leads, conversion, and revenue. With me, ranking traffic conversion and revenue go upward

Solid Niche Analysis

Knowing niche insights about competitors is a great way to start. That’s how my SEO process starts. From Competitor strategy analysis to what’s working, not everything is audited in this report.

On-Page Strategy

I’ll look at more than 250 on-page factors that might be harming your SEO, starting with keyword research and ending with schema optimization and feature snippet optimization.

Backlink Building

I have a solid outreach team who’ll help create a niche-relevant backlink that moves the needle and increases visibility. Not to mention, more than 11+ current clients are benefiting from our backlink process.

What Different From Other Nepal SEO Expert?

4+ Years of Experience

I have 4+ years of SEO experience contacting and solving clients’ problems. You might claim that some have 7+ or 10+ years of experience, but let me tell you, if so, they are capable of capturing the overseas market, not only Nepal. Think twice before hiring an SEO Expert; it might get you in a trap.

60+ SEO Projects

With over 5+ SEO members on the team, I have completed more than 60+ projects in Nepal. I am proud to say that more than 50+ projects were successful with positive returns on investment.

Some Key Points

1) You don’t need to seek a Web Developer, Digital Marketer, Content Writer, Backlink builder, or any of the many others because my business covers those.
2) You’ll have strategic SEO planning and solutions to uplift your digital strategy and outrank the competitor. 
3) Working with a trustworthy and manageable person, your time and money are not wasted.

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Why Should You Hire Suyog Kafle for SEO in Nepal?

Experienced SEO Specialist

Have extensive knowledge of search engine optimization of significant search engines like Google, Bravo, Google DuckDuckGo, and Bing.

Updated with SEO

I am updated with the latest SEO techniques and major updates of search engines.

Strategic SEO Partner

You’ll get a strategic SEO Partner who will help you dominate your niche in Search Engine Optimization

Technical Skills

Good sounds of technical SEO skills with content marketing and lead generation techniques. 

SEO Team Lead

Managed a team of 15+ Content Marketers including 5 SEO Experts. 

SEO Project I have Worked in Nepal

Seasonal keyword

Power of Seasonal Keyword in SEO

This keyword has generated 45 leads, out of which 12 have purchased their service. Client Niche: Tourism

Google Search Console Traffic

Comparison Report of SEO

This is a 6-month comparison report of the Travel Niche website. There were many factors that I looked into to double their traffic.

Most of my previous projects have focused on targeting the US market. I might not be the one for you if you’re looking for a Local SEO service (Google My Business).

I had a fantastic experience working with Suyog. He has excellent expertise in using schema and optimizing on-page SEO. Suyog also does a great job managing the content writing team, from planning and strategizing to overseeing the overall process. His skills in these areas make him perfect for the job.

Amit Karki

Your Business + SEO Expertise = Infinite Growth.